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October 31st, 2010

04:11 am - Im sorry...
but what about a zero tolerance policy against bullying. Period.

Otherwise whats the messege? Its ok to bully someone, as long as they are straight.??

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October 2nd, 2010

02:51 pm - when midnight was young and small..
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02:45 pm - Lets see if this works..
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11:51 am - yer just too fat...
no, not you.. heh.

I dont have a picture because im just not that cruel, i was too busy getting him free..

But I thought I would let you guys know. You know how they say that a cat has no true collar bone, so anything they can get their head into they can get through? Yeah, not so with our silly kitty. He's about four months old and apparently getting too big for his britches. When he was a LITTLE kitten, he used to scamper under the doors in our house, they are a couple inches off the ground and he used to have easy clearance, but he's getting fat ::grin::. Yeah he doesnt look fat but he is growing like a weed he's been just scraping by for the last couple weeks but he never got the hint that he was just getting too big.

So today it happened. He got stuck. He got his head and shoulders out and go stuck just about the ribcage. He started yowling and my husband tried opening the door, unfortunately that just got him stuck worse, and about then I realized something was wrong (I was asleep in the next room) and jumped up (bare assed naked of course) to help. That poor kitty was so patient and good, we were pushing on him and trying to figure out how to get him out of there and he never tried to bite or scratch once. So im trying to keep the kitty calm and yelling at hubby to get a lever.. he brings a claw hammer.. yeah thats gonna lift a door alright. So hes prying on the door, doing nothing but splintering the hollow wood on the edge, which doesnt help kitty a bit, and I'm trying to lift the thing with brute (non) strength. Finally my SIX year old listens to me and brings me a broom handle which I shove under the door and pry up on to get a few millimeters more clearance, then I gently slide him sideways out from under the door. He seems fine now, not even any skin damage, and he put up with my daughter snuggling him for the last few hours since with good humor. Hes eating and drinking so I think he will survive his trauma, and hopefully will never try to go under that door again! (or any other!!)

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September 30th, 2010

03:57 pm - Virtual Learning Connections Can a Virtual School Student Change the World?
Virtual Learning Connections Can a Virtual School Student Change the World?

this might seem sanctimonious and self righteous if it were written by anyone else, but by this precocious twelve year old, its a pretty cool idea ::grin:: specially since most twelve year olds in my experience LOVE fast food! I wrote a comment, that hasnt been published yet, to expand this notion, and thats what i want to share with you as well.

How about two weeks without ANY fast food, including the pre packaged, over processed canned, boxed, and frozen junk we have in our houses right now? Now THAT would be a feat!

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September 2nd, 2010

01:29 pm - i know some people who would like this one..

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August 29th, 2010

02:22 pm - happy birthday Joylyn..
I miss you baby girl. I love you. Pray for us.

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July 20th, 2010

12:09 pm - NIGELA LAWSON
I love her description of a good rare steak... "Nothing a good veteranarian couldnt bring about" LOL.

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July 6th, 2010

12:59 am - my dearest poet paladin...

i lj friend suck lol. ::hugs:: happy birthday PC!

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June 29th, 2010

12:20 pm - so im a pushover..
so broke i cant pay attention but i was talking to an older lady and she mentioned that her cat had kittens and there was one left but it was sick so she was gonna take it to the pound, thinking they would take care of it.. im sorry but around here if you take a sick animal to the pound the put it down.. thats just the way they do things here, even at the humane society. ::sigh:: so of course i took it home. now we got our check and everything this month so we got back the tv we pawned when we were so broke we coudnt buy food.. so now we are pawning it again so we can take this cat to the vet. i know its irresponsible so dont yell at me, just pray for the cat, thats why i posted.. i imagine anyone who cares to ask saints to intercede, me personally im gonna ask St.Francis of Assisi... also pray that my daughter doesnt get too attached, just in case.. though i think its probably too late bleh. yes im stupid, forgive me all of you who helped me when we were in need, i hope you dont regret helping us then just because we arent being the wisest now.. i just hate to see an animal put down over something small like this, im pretty sure its just a cold, but since she wont eat im afraid she will starve if we dont get her some antibiotics.. ::sigh::.

this is a lovely prayer, sung by a lovely artist. I thought it was appropriate as it is the prayer of St. Francis.

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